Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses in EU and China


# 可交付成果名称 工作包编号 交付日期
D1.1 D1.1_Project_Toolbox.pdf WP1 M1
D1.3 D1.3_Gender_strategy_1_.pdf WP1 M3
D2.1 D2.1_Review_of_the_emerging_issues.pdf WP2 M3
D2.2 D2.2_Report_on_the_mapping_task_Follow_up.pdf WP2 M6
D2.3 Report on agreed areas in animal health, food safety and security WP2 M18
D3.1 Meeting recommendations and conclusions, proposal for future field epidemiology training courses WP3 M12
D3.2 Meeting recommendations and conclusions, prioritization of the gaps in TADs & EIDs eco-epidemiology WP3 M12
D3.3 Workshop proceedings and conclusions, list of the most relevant methods for the surveillance WP3 M24
D3.4 Workshop proceedings and conclusions, propositions to set up new research projects WP3 M24
D3.6 Training material Analytic Epi and online presentations WP3 M34
D4.1 D4.1_Workshop_report.pdf WP4 M6
D4.2 D_4.2_Workshop_report_20141031.pdf WP4 M12
D4.3 Workshops/meeting report WP4 M18
D4.4 Workshops/meeting report WP4 M24
D4.5 Collaboration reports WP4 M12
D4.6 Collaboration reports WP4 M24
D4.7 New diagnostic technologies WP4 M24
D4.8 Project applications WP4 M18
D4.9 Project Applications WP4 M24
D4.10 Joint Research Laboratories WP4 M24
D4.11 Industry Meeting WP4 M30
D5.1 D5.1Summary report.pdf WP5 M18
D5.3 D5.3_Roadmap_for_strengthening_EU_China_animal_health_research_cooperation_FINAL.pdf WP5 M36
D6.1 D6.1_Platform_structure_1_.pdf WP6 M6
D6.3 Platform User Guide WP6 M12
D6.4 Feedback report WP6 M30
D7.1 D7.1_List_of_topics.pdf WP7 M6
D7.2 D7.2_Short_term_visit_programme_report.pdf WP7 M8
D7.3 Short-term visit programme report WP7 M15
D7.4 Short-term visit programme report WP7 M21
D7.5 Short-term visit programme report WP7 M26
D7.6 D7.6_Professional_Questionnaires.pdf WP7 M10
D7.7 D7.7_Laboratory_work_programme_report.pdf WP7 M12
D7.8 Laboratory work programme report WP7 M23
D8.1 D8.1_Dissemination_Plan.pdf WP8 M3
D8.2 D8.2_Visual_identity_1_.pdf WP8 M3
D8.3 D8.3_Dissemination_Materials.pdf WP8 M6
D8.4 Joint innovation report WP8 M34
D8.5 Webinar protocols WP5 M24
D8.6 Final_dissemination_event_Europe_proceedings.pdf WP8 M34
D8.7 Final_dissemination_event_China_proceedings.pdf WP8 M35
D8.8 Focal Point Network Guide WP8 M24
D8.9 Focal Point Network Report WP8 M36
D8.10 Best practices report WP8 M30