Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses in EU and China


The Documents sub-menu collects the main documents, such as joint reports, declarations, conclusions, plans, summaries of seminars and other events in terms of the EU-China cooperation in the animal health and veterinary science fields.

Agreement for S&T cooperation between the EU and China

Published in the Official Journal of the EC.

EU-China Cooperation Plan in Agriculture and Rural Development

Signed in 2012.

Review of S&T cooperation between the EU and China

DG Research Report, 2008.

The new EU-China Partnership and Cooperation Agreement


The EU - China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership: Working for You

Factsheet, Brussels, November 2013.

Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament

EU-China: Closer partners, growing responsibilities

Brussels, 24.10.2006

Funding Guide 2014 on researchers' mobility in the EU and China

Guide to promote  researchers' mobility and collaboration between the EU and China.

Funding Guide for European Researchers in China

Published in 2011

IPR in China

Guidelines for Researchers.

The Administrative Arrangement with the "National Natural Science Foundation of China" (NSFC)

The Administrative Arrangement with the "National Natural Science Foundation of China" (NSFC) to launch research projects in specific research areas of common interest (26 March 2010).

The EU-China Joint Declaration on Innovation Cooperation Dialogue

The EU-China Joint Declaration on Innovation Cooperation Dialogue (20 September 2012) to create an official platform for exchanges and cooperation on innovation between both Sides.

Joint Laboratories in China

Dragon Star Project Report, 2013

Dragon STAR Handbook on industrial support services
Instruments and services for European technology based companies entering the Chinese market.
RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND SCIENCE: Cooperation between EU Member States, Associated Countries, the European Union and China
EUROPEAN UNION DELEGATION TO CHINA AND MONGOLIA Science, Technology and Environment Section. Compiled in April 2014
The Beijing S&T International Cooperation Programme

The Beijing S&T International Cooperation Programme, acting as an implementation of “Technology Beijing” (Keji Beijing) Action, aims to boost science and technology development in Beijing utilizing the demonstration effect of international science and technology cooperation.

The Shanghai S&T International Cooperation Programme

The Shanghai S&T International Cooperation Programme aims to encourage the S&T cooperation between Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM) and  foreign governmental authorities and other international scientific and technological organisations.

Guangdong S&T International Cooperation Programme

In its first year of the 12th Five-year Plan (2011-2015), the Guangdong S&T International Cooperation Programme aimed to strengthen the independent innovation capacity of Guangdong province.

Science, Research and Innovation. Cooperation between the European Union, Member States and China

Compiled by the Delegation of the European Union to China in 2012.

Finnish-Chinese Food and Health Education Exchange Program

Finnish-Chinese Food and Health Education Exchange Program. Teacher Exchange on Food Sciences. 2010-2012 Report.


Strategy Paper for enhancing reciprocity in EU-China S&T cooperation.


Dragon-STAR project deliverable.


This document is the annex to Deliverable 9: Final Report of the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Performance of China study (Project RTD-2011-C6-China)
The contents are presented as follows:
• Section 2 Chinese indicator definitions, sources & notes – relating to Chapter 2 of the main report;
• Section 3 Further results from Chapter 3 of the main report;
• Section 4 Summary of the survey results – relating to Chapters 4-6 of the main report.


The study aims to help inform and develop STI strategies for the European Union (EU) considering the emerging role of China as a competitor and partner of the EU.
This report provides the results of the activities conducted in the project Work packages (WP)s. These results have been summarised separately for WP1: Identifying, assessing and updating data and indicators relevant to Science, Technology and Innovation in China and WP2: Mapping of China’s research and innovation capabilities in selected technologies. Following this, the results of WP3: Assessing China's policies in terms of development of its domestic STI capabilities and its international strategy and WP4: An overview of framework conditions and the development and growth of innovative firms have been summarised together since their methodologies overlapped. Finally, a summary of the analysis developed under WP5: Draw conclusions for the EU as regard the challenges and opportunities provided by the development of China the short and medium term (5 years) is provided.


Joint Statement
The BILAT SILK project organised broad dissemination activities and campaigns in order to raise awareness of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and related programmes in Europe and China.

Towards EU-China Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology Flagship. Joint report developed by experts from the EU and China.

EU expert briefing: Thematic context of the Seminar: Overall strategic approach.

 Research-based foresight.

Horizon 2020 and thematic context from EU perspective.

Partnership  between China and the EU.

Expectations from a “STANDARD” perspective under “Horizon2020”.

Analytical Presentation.

Joint conclusions developed by researchers from the EU and China.


Letter of Intent on R&I Cooperation in Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology between EC and Chinese Academy on Sciences.


Press Release, November 2013.


Science and Technology Partnership Scheme of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the EC